List of all ontologies
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Plant Trait Ontology

A controlled vocabulary to describe phenotypic traits in plants. Each trait is a distinguishable feature, characteristic, quality or phenotypic feature of a developing or mature plant, or a plant part.

Plant Environmental Conditions

The Plant Experimental Conditions Ontology describes the treatments, growing conditions, and/or study types used in plant biology experiments. The subjects of the studies may also include in vitro plant structures (PO:0000004). A plant treatment is the most specific, and may be a component of a plant growing condition, and the plant study type. The broadest classes are the plant study types where the terms can be used to identify the growth study facility. Each growth facility (field study, growth chamber, greenhouse, etc) is a environment on its own and may also involve instances of biotic and abiotic treatments and different growing conditions.

Units of Measurement

Metrical units for use in conjunction with PATO